Friday, September 4, 2009

Making Memories!

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week 20

Week 20's question is: What or who is your greatest joy?
My answer is my Family. This one doesn't have any journaling on it. It just says, in huge letters, JOY.

Week 18

Week 18's question was "Who was your best friend in High School/College?" Well, that's two, really. Christine Botts was in High School, and Angela Moore was in college. This page is college.
My journaling says: Dorkas, AKA Angela Moore. She was my very best friend in college. She is also who started the "Dork Club" - Our definition of Dork was anyone who could act crazy and have a great, fun time without the use of drugs or alcohol. She's such an awesome person, and I'm so blessed to call her a friend."

Week 11

This weeks question was "What was your best teenage moment you remember?" Answer: Conducting the Youth Choir for the Columbia, SC Temple Open House. The Journaling says:
My junior year of high school the Columbia, SC Temple was completed. I was given the amazing opportunity of leading the youth choir to sing at the open house. It is one of my favorite teenage moments. The practices went well, everyone worked hard, and the performance went perfectly. This moment is what made me decide on Music Education as my college major."

Week 9

Okay, Week 9's question is "What was a moment when you blinked and your whole world changed?" Answer, after my son was born.
My journaling is rather long on this one. Here goes. "Jed was born October 8th, 2004. It had been a long, rough pregnancy, and the delivery was difficult too. When they did the epidural, it was inserted up in stead of down. So I was numb from the chest up. I had natural child birth, and the doctor forgot to numb me locally when she cup my epesiotamy (sp) In the end, I was just glad it was over. I don't remember much of the next three weeks. When they messed up the epidural, they also poked a little too far. This results in spinal headaches afterwards. The pain is worse than migraines. Also, the way the birthing doctor cut me caused me to tear from the other direction later. Daniel, my loving husband, took me to my parents and we stayed there for several weeks. There aren't any pictures, because I was in bed, in pain. The doctors office (I did switch after this!) told me to drink caffine and I'd be fine. Finally, my dad mentioned the pain to a family friend, who is an anesthesiologist. He recognized my symptoms immediately, and scheduled a blood patch to fix the hole in my spinal column. Within an hour of the procedure, the headaches were gone. I will forever be greatful for our friend, Dr. Pryor's help. But I'll never get back my first child's first month. It's like I blinked, and it was gone."

Week 6

This weeks question was "Who is or some of the story tellers in your family?
My answer: My Mother
My journaling says: "My mom is my favorite story teller. I remember the way sh would tell me stories of my ancestors, and of her parents. And all the stories she would read me. She did all the voices! She read me scripture stories, and taught me to love my scriptures. I love my mom, and am thankful my children can hear her stories.
One of the coolest memories growing up is my mom telling us stories. We went on vacation to the beach in June 07, all my siblings their children, Mom and Dad, and Grandmother Bass. You can imagine, it was loud! Mom gave us all a few minutes of quiet with her story telling. This is one of my favorite "moments" from that trip."

Week 5

Okay, so I'm VERY behind, but I'm trying to catch up! Week 5's question was "Who's life have you influenced outside of your immediate family? "
Here is what the journaling says:
"My first college room mate was Alexis Morgan. She was the perfect person for me to room with. Later, I went to visit her at her home in Erial, NJ. She told me that when we were room mates, she saw how much joy I got from my faith. and it had inspired her to go back to church. It was the first time anyone had told me something like that. I was so happy for her. This is her (bottom) and us having a snowball fight on another visit."
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Okay, a little explaining. My friend Ashley O. taught me this song when we were teenagers. It goes like this:
Mm Aa went the little green frog one day
mm aa went the little green frog
mm aa went the little green frog one day
and his eyes went mm aa mm.
Beep beep went the big mac truck one day
squish squish went the little green frog
his eyes didn't go mm aa anymore
cause the frog got eaten by a dog
woof woof!
Anyway, I sang this to Jed when he was very tiny, and he would always explode with laughter. So, one day, his sick, twisted mother dressed him in this adorable sleep and play that a friend had gotten him that was covered in frogs, then sang the song with daddy taking pictures. The journaling has the song and tells about why I captured it, and the black strip is a road... I know, my poor children. Anyway, I just love it. :-)

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Hey! I have had so much fun looking at other scrappin blogs lately. I just wanted to say that I get so much inspiration from everyone, and thank you so much! There are some fun things to see and do on other blogs, so everyone take a look ! I know that right now Heidi is doing a giveaway, as well as several others. Oh, and check out Debby's Dares, too! She's just fabulous! Don't forget to check out all of the things going on in the scrappin blog community! Go look!

Monday, January 26, 2009


Hey! I just want to give a shout out to Helmar. I love their products, and have been using them for a while now. The Vellum adhesive and the gemstone glues are both incredible, and I've branched out into their craft glue and several other things as well!! They are at CHA in California right now, so Woo Hoo and Thank you to Helmar for your wonderful products!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Journaling for week 2

Okay, so here is what the journaling says:
When I was little, people would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up. My answer was always the same "I want to be a Mommy and a Singer." Now, it's not always the norm that you actually grow up to be what you wanted, but I am very blessed. I am a mommy of two beautiful children, Jedediah Timothy and Laiza Alyson. My major in college was Music Education for Voice, and I sing all the time - especially to my family. Now for the pictures - well, all families have traditions, and we had a funny one for birthdays. After you opened you presents, you had to put them on - all of them, at the same time, and model them. Here I am, modeling my presents.
The line at the bottom says:
I spy: a giraffe, jellies, two hearts, a blue circle, a seagull, an oil lamp, a high chair, blonde hair, a gray chest, a pink vest, and a mic. Can you?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

You in 52 entry

Well, I'm a big fan of Debby, and I'm doing her You in 52. Here is my first entry! Enjoy!

Just Starting!!

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